GE Vernova Launches AI Software to Propel Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing

GE Vernova
  • GE Vernova introduces AI software for enhanced industrial sustainability.
  • Focuses on energy conservation and operational efficiency.
  • Supports real-time analytics for sustainable decision-making.

GE Vernova has unveiled an innovative AI-based software designed specifically for sustainability in the manufacturing industry, aimed at advancing energy conservation while maintaining operational efficiency. This new software leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights and actionable recommendations, enabling manufacturers to significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising productivity.

The software seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complex data analysis process. By analyzing historical and real-time operational data, the AI system identifies patterns and inefficiencies, suggesting optimized settings and actions that reduce energy usage and carbon footprint.

“For a sustainability solution to be effective for industry, it must converge sustainability with operational excellence and digitization, ensuring that not only are energy consumption and raw material resources being optimized, but that plants maximize productivity, performance KPIs, and ultimately profitability.

“Proficy for Sustainability Insights provides this sustainability, operations, and digitization convergence by combining the proven Proficy software portfolio spanning the real-time plant floor, analytics and OT data management along with GE Vernova’s expertise in energy to operationalize and optimize sustainable manufacturing and reduce resource consumption, carbon emissions, and utilities spend. This can maximize productivity and profitability while simultaneously progressing each customer’s journey toward achieving sustainability, ESG and net zero goals.”

” according to Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group.

Moreover, this GE Vernova initiative supports the global push towards industrial sustainability, aligning with both European and North American regulatory standards and sustainability goals. The software not only aids manufacturers in complying with these regulations but also positions them as leaders in sustainable manufacturing practices.

As well as energy conservation, the software enhances overall operational efficiency, reducing waste and improving production timelines. This dual approach ensures that manufacturers can achieve their sustainability goals while also enhancing profitability and market competitiveness.

GE Vernova’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in this latest offering, which is part of their broader strategy to support the manufacturing sector’s transition to more sustainable and efficient operations. The company provides ongoing support and updates, ensuring that the software evolves in line with technological advancements and industry needs.

“Continued digitization is critical to operationalize industrial sustainability goals to help reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve resilience. Proficy for Sustainability Insights software can help deliver visibility into sustainability progress with persona-based dashboards for faster, more targeted troubleshooting, which will allow operations leaders, frontline managers, and operators to have clearer visibility into key drivers affecting performance.”

Richard Kenedi, General Manager for GE Vernova’s Proficy Software and Services

This tool is a step forward for manufacturers looking to balance sustainability with operational demands, offering a practical solution to the energy challenges facing the industry today.

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