Insights from Hexagon Sixth Sense Finalist, Zaptic

Back in February MANSUS took a trip to CodeNode for the Hexagon Sixth Sense final since then we have been curious about the finalists experience in the program and their plans for the future. We spoke with Sandy Reid, CCO and Co-Founder at Zaptic following his brilliant pitch and the companies success as finalists of the third Sixth Sense cohort here’s what Sandy had to say.

Tell us how the Sixth Sense programme helped shape your plans for the future at Zaptic

The program really helped us to accelerate, focus and test the product development of our AI capability which is focused on AI powered work instruction and knowledge transfer, which is aimed at helping to upskill the future capability of the manufacturing workforce. 

What is your advice for start ups and scale ups who want to follow your footsteps and apply for the next cohort?

Try to be clear about a 1+1=3 opportunity for product and go-to-market collaboration with Hexagon from the outset. 

What did you enjoy most about working with Hexagon Sixth Sense? 

The Sixth Sense Team, and everyone else we interacted with at hexagon were helpful, generous with their time, and also fun to work with. And of course, taking the win on the demo day was really enjoyable

Do you think the process is designed to support innovation and how?

Absolutely. The really powerful thing is the fact that it is specifically focused on the manufacturing industry, so you get relevant expertise and the ability to test your propositions with a ‘real life’ audience. 

What is next for your company?

Continuing with our mission to empower the industrial frontline workforce to not just service, but thrive in the age of automation, utilizing the new AI powered knowledge management capability and leveraging the relationship we have developed with Hexagon and other partners. 

Zaptic is the most intuitive connected worker platform, providing job instruction and a modern collaboration experience for frontline teams, and a no-code toolkit to digitise daily management systems. Companies like Carlsberg, Danone, Berry Global and more use Zaptic to empower their frontline teams with the information and digital tools they need to drive operational excellence, gain unprecedented process visibility, and measurably increase productivity, quality and safety across their operations. Visit  to learn more and follow us on LinkedIn.

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