Media Kit H1 2024

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What is MANSUS?

We provide targeted, clear and useful business information that helps manufacturing organisations be environmentally and commercially sustainable

Our Products

We believe that B2B media is really P2P. Even when they’re ‘at work’ people still expect a dynamic, engaging and user-friendly experience. We deliver exactly that, all while helping to solve their challenges and progress their own careers.

Website is the gateway to MANSUS’ impactful, accessible and engaging journalism.

The site is designed for speed, ease of navigation and has an unwavering focus on helping manufacturers achieve their goals.


A must-read weekly analysis of the most important stories from around the industry, delivered in a simple and accessible format.

Reach our audience when they’re engaged in the topics they care about most.

Editorial Calendar

Our editorial calendar can be used as a forward features guide for marketing and PR teams. MANSUS content embraces the wide-ranging and ever-changing list of topics that our audience cares about.

Industry and Topic focusses are complemented by ongoing coverage of the most important updates about the technologies and services available to manufacturers as well as shifts to the regulatory landscape.

Industry focusAutomotiveHeavy IndustryAdditive Manufacturing
Topic focusWaste ReductionSustainable MaterialsSupply Chain Sustainability
Industry FocusTopic Focus
JanAutomotiveWaste Reduction
FebHeavy IndustryMaterials
MarAdditive MfgSupply Chain
Industry focusAerospaceConsumer GoodsContract Manufacturing
Topic focusSustainable DesignAdditive ManufacturingCircular Economy
Industry FocusTopic Focus
AprAerospaceDesign for Sustainability
MayConsumer GoodsAdditive Mfg
JunContract MfgCircular Economy


The content produced and curated by MANSUS addresses sustainability challenges in manufacturing. Our audience of decision makers is perfectly aligned to that.

According to EuroStat, there are more than 2 million manufacturing enterprises in the EU employing 29 million people, and a further 250,000 firms in the USA employing 12.8 million people according to the National Association of Manufacturers. Each of these enterprises faces the challenges of sustainability regardless of their size, scope and location. Our ambition is to reach decision makers in all of these organisations.

Many of these companies already have environmental sustainability integrated into their company structure. Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) leading some from the boardroom, or managers and leaders at points throughout the organisation acting as changemakers for others. These are our natural audience and we work hard to help them achieve their goals.

And we speak to CEOs, CFOs, CROs and all those involved in making operations more profitable — because money is green too.

Key job titles

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Manager
  • Social Responsibility Manager
  • Environmental Manager
  • Sustainability Manager
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Energy Manager
  • Waste Reduction Manager
  • Green Building Manager
  • Corporate Responsibility Manager
  • Sustainability Analyst


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Content Partnerships

Our in-house editorial talent work with you to craft the perfect copy — balancing usefulness, engagement and promotion — to build your brand and bring your closer to your target audience.

Content Partnership packages come with one week’s homepage position and perennial hosting on the website, and one month’s inclusion in the weekly newsletter.

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Website display advertising

Our display advertising options are a great way to grab attention and build brand awareness. All advertising appears site-wide and rotates with up to three other adverts per slot, guaranteeing a minimum 25% audience share.

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Commercial research updates

Gated content that drives lead generation hosted on and promoted by MANSUS. Commercial research updates are an opportunity to update the audience on internal research and development activities, and updates to technical understanding.

Content is hosted for 12 months behind a data wall delivering high-quality intent-driven leads.

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Newsletter display advertising

Our display advertising options are a great way to grab attention and build brand awareness. All advertising appears site-wide and rotates with up to three other adverts per slot, guaranteeing a minimum 25% audience share.

Leaderboards, MPUs and Sponsored Highlights are available on 1-12 month contracts

Sponsored highlights give you 50-words, an image and a link right in the heart of the content flow, displayed in line with the MANSUS-curated content.

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