Sustainable Metal Solutions: Velo3D Partners with Continuum for Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

  • Velo3D partners with Continuum Powders to offer the first-ever 100% recycled, sustainable metal powder for its Sapphire printers.
  • OptiPowder 718, meeting rigorous Velo3D and Knust-Godwin quality standards, aligns with decarbonization and sustainability goals.
  • The partnership marks a significant advancement in sustainable manufacturing practices for industries like aerospace and energy.

Continuum Powders and Velo3D announce a partnership introducing the first 100% recycled, sustainable Ni 718 metal powder specifically designed for the Sapphire family of printers. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to advancing sustainable manufacturing processes.

Continuum Powders’ OptiPowder 718, a Ni 718 alloy-based metal powder, has been meticulously qualified for use in Velo3D’s Sapphire printers. This qualification, achieved through a comprehensive process conducted by Velo3D and its contract manufacturer, Knust-Godwin, ensures that the sustainable powder matches the high standards typically associated with conventional metal powders.

OptiPowder 718 is tailored for high-stress environments, offering an outstanding blend of strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness. Its application spans diverse sectors, including aerospace, energy, and underwater exploration, presenting a robust solution for components exposed to harsh operating conditions.

“For customers who are sustainability-minded, or have company objectives to reduce their carbon footprint, utilizing metal powders that are sourced through carbon-neutral means can streamline their adoption of additive manufacturing technology. [Velo3D is] pleased to offer Continuum as a powder option and have validated that OptiPowder 718 delivers the performance and quality customers require from their powder while also meeting their decarbonization and sustainability goals.”

Zach Detweiler, Vice President of Technology, Velo3D

Phil Ward, CEO of Continuum Powders, highlights the transformative nature of this partnership. By integrating sustainability into the core of additive manufacturing processes, the Ni 718 collaboration between Continuum Powders, Velo3D, and Knust-Godwin paves the way for a new era in manufacturing. The initiative not only raises the bar for environmental responsibility but also establishes a new standard in the industry.

By offering a viable, eco-friendly alternative without compromising quality, Velo3D and Continuum Powders hope to work towards benchmarks for sustainability in the industry.

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