AMAIZE Integration into EOS Software Enhances Sustainability and Productivity

A screenshot showing 1000 Kelvin's AMAIZE software in action, evaluating a build for an EOS M200 machine.
  • Integration of AMAIZE AI co-pilot with EOS software enhances additive manufacturing (AM) by reducing failed builds, conserving energy, and materials.
  • Streamlines design processes, cuts engineering costs by up to 80%, accelerates new AM product introduction.
  • Adoption by FKM shows marked improvements in manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

1000 Kelvin, an innovator in AI solutions for AM (who we spoke to at the start of the month), has partnered with EOS, a leader in industrial 3D printing technology. Together, they announce the integration of AMAIZE, the AI-powered co-pilot, into the EOS software environment, helping to improve manufacturing efficiency and environmental stewardship.

By incorporating AMAIZE into the EOS suite, 1000 Kelvin addresses one of the most pressing issues in additive manufacturing: the environmental and economic costs of failed builds. The integration significantly reduces wasted resources and energy, aligning with the industry’s growing commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

You can learn more about EOS sustainability in our video from Formnext with Björn Hannappel, Head of Sustainability at EOS below.

For sectors such as aerospace, energy, and contract manufacturing, the AMAIZE integration offers a potentially valuable support. By leveraging advanced AI, companies can streamline their design to production workflows, ensuring higher success rates in first-time builds and substantially reducing the carbon footprint associated with additive manufacturing. The result is an up to 80% reduction in engineering costs and a faster time-to-market for new AM products.

FKM, a European AM contract manufacturer, exemplifies the integration’s success. As an early adopter, FKM has reported significant enhancements in engineering speed and product quality, further demonstrating the potential of AMAIZE to elevate manufacturing standards while adhering to sustainability goals.

Matthias Henkel, CEO of FKM, emphasizes the impact on digital manufacturing excellence:

“1000Kelvin’s AMAIZE aligns perfectly with our commitment to digital excellence in manufacturing. It allows our engineers to predictively navigate complex components quality and consistency requirements.”

Matthias Henkel, CEO of FKM

Echoing this sentiment, Martin Steuer, Senior Vice President of the Software Division at EOS, highlights the shift from physical to digital iteration enabled by AMAIZE.

“AMAIZE’s AI predictive capabilities enable a paradigm shift from physical to digital iteration. This is an important step forward to the industrialization of additive manufacturing. Coupled with its robust cybersecurity, AMAIZE represents a significant advancement in cloud-based solutions for the industry. We’re pleased that EOS customers have now access to this value-added service within our open ecosystem platform and our EOS Developer Network Partner 1000 Kelvin.”

Martin Steuer, Senior Vice President of the Software Division at EOS

Omar Fergani, CEO of 1000 Kelvin, underscores the seamless integration enabled by the open architecture of EOS products and the extensive support of the EOS Developer Network (EDN). The collaboration facilitates the incorporation of EOSPRINT APIs into the AMAIZE platform, allowing customers to leverage the combined strengths of both technologies effortlessly.

“The integration with EOS software is a testament to the open architecture of EOS products and the extensive resources of the EOS Developer Network (EDN). These factors have allowed us to seamlessly incorporate the EOSPRINT APIs into our platform, ensuring that our customers can effortlessly benefit from the combined strengths of our technologies.”

Omar Fergani, CEO of 1000 Kelvin
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