Makersite App Aids Manufacturers’ Calculation of Recycled Content

  • Makersite, an international SaaS platform, has launched a new application to aid companies in calculating and reporting the recycled content in their products.
  • The new tool works within the existing platform, leverages Makersite’s global supply chain data, and simplifies the traditionally complex process of reporting and identifying recycled content.
  • This development is designed to assist manufacturers in complying with modern global regulations, such as the EU Green Deal initiative, the PPWR, and the CSRD.

SaaS platform, Makersite, has announced the introduction of a new application designed to streamline the calculation and reporting of recycled content in products. The tool leverages Makersite’s extensive global supply chain data, tackling a process that was traditionally labor-intensive and fraught with complications.

Its makers claim that the new tool aids manufacturers in complying with a range of global sustainability regulations, including the EU Green Deal initiative, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations (PPWR), and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). It integrates within the existing Makersite platform, offering an efficient and precise solution to navigate regulatory compliance.

The announcement came as governments worldwide are bolstering their recycled content requirements as part of their decarbonization and waste reduction efforts. Neil D’Souza, Founder and CEO of Makersite, remarked:

“Unfortunately, very few companies have the ability to reliably measure and report on the recycled content of their products. Our new capability will enable procurement, compliance, and sustainability practitioners to confidently report the amount of recycled content in their products, saving time and resources while ensuring the highest degree of accuracy.”

Historically, the task of reporting and identifying recycled content was complex, involving legal compliance audits, supplier verification, material due diligence, and meeting minimum recycled content criteria. Aggregating this data for multifaceted products often led to reliance on major suppliers for confidential materials and process information.

Makersite’s novel app changes the dynamics of data aggregation. With over 140 data sources, the app harnesses AI and automation to streamline the calculation, verification, and reporting of recycled content. Coupled with Makersite’s pre-existing Scope 3 and automated LCA solutions, the new feature facilitates the adoption of sustainable practices, making them not merely a strategic ambition but an operational reality for product teams globally.

The innovative application promotes the continual enhancement of recycled materials and encourages innovation in material recycling processes, aiming to minimize waste sent to landfills. By leveraging AI and automation, Makersite is assisting various international brands, including Microsoft, Cummins, Vestas, and Barco, in building a more sustainable and responsible manufacturing industry.

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