• 6K Energy and Aqua Metals plan first U.S. circular supply chain for critical minerals in lithium battery manufacturing.
  • Partnership boosts decarbonization, electrification efforts, supporting a robust domestic clean energy technology supply chain.
  • Co-located facility in Jackson, TN, to produce low-carbon cathode active materials from 100% recycled battery materials.
  • 6K aquametals critical minerals initiative strengthens U.S. manufacturing, resilience against supply chain disruptions.
  • AquaRefining technology recycles lithium batteries, reduces emissions, landfill waste; UniMelt process lowers cathode production costs, emissions.
  • PlusCAM, funded by over $350M including a $50M DOE grant, is the world’s first UniMelt plasma cathode manufacturing plant.
  • Aqua Metals’ recycling campus in Tahoe-Reno can supply critical material for 50,000 EV batteries annually.

6K Energy and Aqua Metals are setting a new standard with their groundbreaking partnership. They’re establishing the first U.S. circular supply chain for critical minerals essential to lithium battery manufacturing. The co-located facility in Jackson, TN, will utilize 100% recycled battery materials to produce low-carbon cathode active materials.

Steve Cotton, Aqua Metals’ CEO, highlights the partnership’s role in building a resilient domestic supply chain. “6K aquametals critical minerals are powering an electrified future, recycling scarce resources into valuable metals,” Cotton said.

The collaboration combines Aqua Metals’ AquaRefining technology and 6K Energy’s UniMelt process. Together, they’re transforming spent batteries and scrap materials into raw materials for new batteries. This initiative not only advances the low-carbon economy but also fosters job growth and technological advancement, according to the companies involved.

Sam Trinch of 6K Energy emphasized the global impact. “We’re creating battery materials with recycled critical minerals, offering a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to China’s supply chain,” Trinch stated.

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy’s innovative approach is supported by significant funding. 6K Energy raised over $350M, including a $50M grant from the Department of Energy, underscoring the project’s national importance. Aqua Metals is also advancing, with a recycling campus in Tahoe-Reno that can supply material for 50,000 EV batteries annually.

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