HVM Catapult helps SMEs slash energy costs with new Manufacturing Energy Toolkit

  • The Manufacturing Energy Toolkit will help manufacturers slash energy usage, saving them money and cutting greenhouse gas emissions
  • A pilot by industrial innovation centre WMG resulted in SMEs saving on average 21% of their energy costs, achieving as much as 90% energy savings on a single machine
  • The High Value Manufacturing Catapult will offer the Manufacturing Energy Toolkit to SMEs at no cost to the businesses

The High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult has unveiled its Manufacturing Energy Toolkit to the entire UK, aiming to assist manufacturing SMEs in managing their energy expenses.

As winter approaches, energy costs become a pressing issue for businesses nationwide. HVM Catapult’s Manufacturing Energy Toolkit is designed to aid manufacturers in enhancing energy efficiency, reducing both costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and bolstering profitability.

This toolkit offers a comprehensive assessment and roadmapping process conducted by HVM Catapult specialists. It is crafted to provide a detailed insight into an SME’s energy consumption, sources, and potential avenues for increased efficiency.

SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy, but they often have to shoulder the greatest burden under external pressures like seasonal energy price rises. That’s why the HVM Catapult is offering free support to help manufacturers become more efficient – both environmentally and financially

“The Manufacturing Energy Toolkit will give SMEs the expert insights they need to make smarter, more sustainable choices in their factories and on their production lines. The results speak for themselves, with companies saving over 20% of their energy costs on average. The HVM Catapult is ready to help manufacturers up and down the UK to save money and become greener with easily-adopted, cost-effective solutions.

Katherine Bennett CBE, CEO of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The process initiates with a complimentary visit to the SME’s production site by HVM Catapult experts. Utilizing technology supplied by Pressac, they meticulously analyze the energy mix and consumption patterns. Key energy inefficiencies within the production line are identified, and practical, energy-saving recommendations are provided. Additionally, an analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the SME’s energy use is conducted, offering valuable data to enhance their sustainability profile.

A regional pilot of the Manufacturing Energy Toolkit, managed by WMG at the University of Warwick, an HVM Catapult industry innovation centre, yielded significant results. SMEs experienced a reduction in energy costs ranging from 12% to 46%. On average, manufacturers noted a 21% reduction in energy expenses. In a standout instance, HVMC specialists facilitated a remarkable 90% energy saving for a single machine.

“Pressac are pleased to be involved in this great initiative and firmly believe the use of our technology combined with the expertise of the HVM Catapult will deliver tangible benefits. This is a great example of British technology supporting and strengthening British manufacturing in the global transition to the net zero economy.”

Mark Lawrance, Director of Strategic Accounts at Pressac
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