Sandvik Coromant Reveals New Brand Identity Focused on Innovation and Sustainability

Sanvik Coromant unveils new branding
  • New brand focuses on innovation, sustainability, and “manufacturing wellness,” promoting resilient, ethical manufacturing.
  • Blomqvist: success is business health and positive community, global impacts; new identity reflects these values

On 27th September 2023, Sandvik Coromant introduced a rebrand, underscoring a dedication to innovation and sustainable progress. The refreshed identity also brings forth a notion termed “manufacturing wellness,” advocating for the cultivation of resilient, sustainable manufacturers with a positive impact on their surroundings.

The company has adapted its operations to meet the evolving needs of the industrial landscape. By emphasizing applied knowledge and cutting-edge capabilities, Sandvik Coromant aims to keep pace with industry changes and customer needs.

The new brand identity also reflects the company’s collaborative nature. By working closely with customers and partners, Sandvik Coromant strives to foster innovation and improvements that meet today’s digital demands.

“We firmly believe that success is not solely measured by business results, also our positive influence on our communities and the world at large. And we wanted an identity that truly captures that, and the essence of our organization’s values and aspirations. Manufacturing Wellness serves as a compass guiding us toward a future where resilient, thriving enterprises and sustainability go hand in hand. By adopting this approach, Sandvik Coromant aims to foster an environment of healthy manufacturing habits and facilitate the development of sustainable businesses”

Helen Blomqvist, President at Sandvik Coromant

This Sandvik Coromant rebrand deomnstrates the company’s commitment not only towards innovative solutions but also towards fostering a culture of sustainability within the manufacturing sphere. By embedding the principles of “manufacturing wellness” into its brand ethos, Sandvik Coromant endeavors to promote an industry-wide shift towards sustainable practices, signaling a positive step in adapting to contemporary environmental and societal expectations. This transition also signifies the brand’s proactive stance in aligning its operations with broader sustainability goals, setting a commendable precedent in the manufacturing industry.

Updates reflecting the new identity will be visible across various touchpoints associated with the Sandvik Coromant brand, including the company’s website, newsletters, facilities, and packaging.

Sandvik Coromant, a division of the Sandvik Group, is a leading global provider of metal cutting solutions. Established in Sweden in 1942, it’s a pioneer in the industry with a history of innovations. From early developments in cemented-carbide tools, it’s grown to offer a wide range of products and digital machining solutions. Its commitment to R&D has birthed groundbreaking technologies like Silent Tools, CoroMill, and Inveio. Besides products, Sandvik Coromant is known for its focus on sustainability and industry education, often partnering with academic institutions and industry bodies. Over the decades, it’s built a global presence, with sales and support networks extending across more than 150 countries, making it a partner for businesses seeking enhanced productivity and competitiveness in metal cutting.

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