Trina Solar Achieves Zero Carbon Factory Certification for Yiwu Manufacturing Facility

Trina Solar Zero Carbon Factory
  • Trina Solar’s Yiwu manufacturing facility receives Zero Carbon Factory certification, a first in the PV industry.
  • The certification was awarded by TiGroup, an independent agency specializing in health, safety, environmental, and sustainability inspection and testing.
  • The company aims to reduce emissions, protect the environment, and improve communities worldwide with low-carbon, green technology.

Trina Solar becomes the first PV industry factory to receive independent zero carbon status.

Trina Solar, a global PV and smart energy total solution provider, announces the certification of its Yiwu manufacturing facility as a Zero Carbon Factory. The factory, assessed by TiGroup, received official certification at the First China Carbon Finance Forum.

    The Yiwu factory achieved an overall score of 79.68 out of 80, obtaining the Zero Carbon Factory (Type 1) Certificate recognised by the China Energy Conservation Association. In 2022, the site reduced carbon emissions per unit output by 21.77% and power consumption per unit product by 9.51% according to the company.

    Trina Solar’s Yiwu Factory and Vertex S Super Factory:

    Trina Solar’s Yiwu factory is a Vertex Super Factory, serving as the primary manufacturing facility for the production of the Vertex S product line. The Vertex S series of solar panels is designed for European rooftops, offering higher efficiency and power with 210mm silicon wafers.

    Commitment to Sustainable Manufacturing:

    Gonzalo de la Viña, President EMEA at Trina Solar, highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable development and zero carbon practices. The certification demonstrates Trina Solar’s dedication to reducing emissions and offering sustainable solutions.

    Continuing Innovation and Impact:

    Trina Solar looks forward to improving the entire Trina Solar ecosystem, reducing emissions, protecting the environment, and enhancing communities worldwide with low-carbon, green technology.

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