Lhyfe Initiates its First UK Green Hydrogen Project to Promote Sustainable Manufacturing

Lhyfe site in North Tyneside, UK
  • Lhyfe has established a 20MW green hydrogen facility in North Tyneside, UK.
  • The plant is designed to produce up to eight tonnes of green hydrogen daily.
  • The initiative aligns with the UK’s net zero emission goals.

Lhyfe has commenced its inaugural green hydrogen project in the UK, located in North Tyneside. This development marks a significant step towards integrating sustainable energy solutions within the UK’s industrial and transport sectors.

The facility, with a capacity of 20MW, is engineered to supply up to eight tonnes of green hydrogen per day. This supply aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in the industrial and transportation sectors, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in line with the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Lhyfe’s selection of North Tyneside for the plant location is based on logistical advantages and the proximity to potential industrial users, facilitating efficient distribution and application of produced green hydrogen. This project is indicative of a strategic approach to support the UK’s transition to sustainable energy sources.

Lhyfe’s initiative involves collaboration with local stakeholders to integrate the green hydrogen supply into existing energy systems effectively. This collaborative effort is intended to ensure the project’s alignment with local energy needs and environmental goals.

The production process employed by Lhyfe utilizes renewable energy sources to generate hydrogen, addressing critical issues of energy sustainability and environmental impact. This method reflects a shift towards cleaner energy alternatives within the manufacturing sector, aiming to minimize ecological footprints.

The establishment of the North Tyneside facility is part of Lhyfe’s broader strategy to contribute to the UK’s sustainable energy landscape. It signifies the role of green hydrogen in meeting energy needs while adhering to environmental standards.

“We are excited to announce North Tyneside as the site for our first UK green hydrogen production project. The development of green hydrogen projects is critical if major energy users are to decarbonise their operations. We hope this project will not only help the North East but the whole of the UK reach its net zero targets.

“At Lhyfe, we are demonstrating that green hydrogen is now a reality and a key driver of the clean energy transition. We have a strong ethos of working with partners and communities to create projects that deliver real local value, and this is a key focus in growing our operations in line with demand.”

Taia Kronborg, Chief Business Officer at Lhyfe

The Lhyfe project in North Tyneside serves as an example of how green hydrogen can be integrated into the manufacturing and transport sectors, aiding in the reduction of carbon emissions and supporting the UK’s environmental objectives.

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