Advancing Sustainability in Plastics: Insights from NPE2024

  • NPE2024, hosted by The Plastics Industry Association, marks the largest gathering of bioplastics companies in the Americas.
  • Over 45 exhibitors, including leaders like NatureWorks and LG Chem, will showcase sustainable bioplastic solutions.
  • The event will feature a new Sustainability Stage, Recycling Zones, and the release of the 2024 Bioplastics Market Watch Report.

The Plastics Industry Association is setting a new sustainability standard for the plastics sector with NPE2024, emphasizing the rapidly growing bioplastics field. Scheduled for May 6-10 in Orlando, Florida, this event will spread across 1.1 million net square feet, making it the most significant plastics trade show in the Americas.

In response to the increasing demand for sustainable plastics solutions, NPE2024 will concentrate on bioplastics, featuring over 45 dedicated exhibitors. Industry leaders like NatureWorks, LG Chem, and LyondellBasell will unveil their latest in bioplastic materials and additives, covering over 47,000 square feet of exhibition space.

The event aims to drive sustainable manufacturing practices within the plastics industry. A major attraction will be the all-new Sustainability Stage alongside two distinct Recycling and Sustainability Zones. These platforms will offer insights into the latest sustainable materials, technologies, and processes that are paving the way for a more environmentally friendly plastics economy.

“NPE2024 will provide a first-hand look into how sustainable plastics manufacturing is driving value creation for society, the environment and the industry. “We hope registrants will leave inspired to reduce plastic waste as they explore the latest in new end-market solutions, bioplastics, lightweighting, circularity, and more. Our first-ever Sustainability Hub will highlight leaders in sustainability and include action-oriented displays in areas such as – renewable feedstocks, collection, sortation, energy efficient manufacturing and more – you will not want to miss it.”

Patrick Krieger, PLASTICS’ Vice President of Sustainability

Further emphasizing the importance of market insights, the 2024 Bioplastics Market Watch Report will be unveiled during the event. This comprehensive report will provide attendees with the latest market data, showcasing growth trends, policy impacts, and consumer perceptions surrounding bioplastics.

NPE2024 represents an unparalleled opportunity for professionals across the plastics supply chain, from material suppliers to recyclers, to explore innovative solutions and engage with sustainability experts. As the industry moves towards a greener future, this event will be a critical platform for collaboration and advancement.

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