Driving Sustainable Manufacturing Forward: VERICUT at MACH 2024

  • VERICUT 9.4 showcases at MACH 2024, highlighting sustainable manufacturing solutions.
  • New CNC Machine Monitoring and Precheck modules enhance operational efficiency and reduce resource usage.
  • Attendees will experience how VERICUT’s optimization contributes to reduced energy consumption and increased manufacturing sustainability.

CGTech is set to present the acclaimed VERICUT 9.4, a leader in CNC machine simulation, verification, and optimization, at MACH 2024. This event marks an important opportunity for manufacturing professionals to explore how VERICUT can drive sustainability within their operations.

Scheduled for display at Hall 19, stand 420, VERICUT 9.4 stands at the forefront of the industry’s shift towards sustainable manufacturing. By emphasizing efficiency and reduced resource consumption, VERICUT helps businesses align with environmental goals without compromising on productivity or quality.

The introduction of the CNC Machine Monitoring module in VERICUT 9.4 represents a significant advancement in sustainable manufacturing practices. This feature allows for real-time monitoring of CNC machines, providing valuable insights into operational efficiency and identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption. By ensuring that machines operate only when necessary and under optimal conditions, manufacturers can significantly lower their carbon footprint.

Additionally, the CNC Precheck tool, a novel feature of VERICUT 9.4, offers a standalone solution for validating machine setups against VERICUT simulations. This pre-emptive verification process minimizes the risk of error and subsequent material waste, further promoting an eco-friendly manufacturing environment.

VERICUT’s optimization capabilities are another focal point at MACH 2024. Attendees will learn how even without the specialized Force module, VERICUT 9.4 streamlines the optimization process, enhancing the sustainability of machining operations. This is achieved through better material utilization, reduced tool wear, and lower energy requirements, leading to a more sustainable production cycle.

Moreover, visitors will have the chance to explore the improved VERICUT Reviewer files, which now feature reduced file sizes for quicker and more efficient data transfer. This enhancement not only speeds up the review process but also supports a leaner, more environmentally friendly approach to data management.

The integration with ToolsUnited, providing access to a comprehensive tooling database, will be showcased, highlighting how VERICUT 9.4 assists users in selecting the most efficient and sustainable tooling options for their operations.

CGTech is proud to contribute to the evolution of sustainable manufacturing practices through continuous innovation in VERICUT software. We invite all MACH 2024 attendees to visit our stand in Hall 19, stand 420, to witness how VERICUT 9.4 can transform your manufacturing processes into a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable enterprise.

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