Siemens Advances Sustainable Stainless Steel in Medium-Voltage Switchgear

Siemens takes delivery of sustainable stainless steel at its Frankfurt factory
Siemens takes delivery of sustainable stainless steel at its Frankfurt factory
  • Siemens collaborates with Outokumpu to use sustainable stainless steel with 93% lower carbon footprint for medium-voltage switchgear production.
  • The sustainable steel, used in Siemens’ Frankfurt factory, is produced using 100% low-carbon electricity and recycled materials.
  • Siemens’ initiative is a step towards reducing CO2 emissions in heavy industry, aligning with global efforts for decarbonization and electrification.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure, in its commitment to sustainability, has partnered with Outokumpu, a leader in sustainable stainless steel, to incorporate significantly lower carbon footprint steel in its medium-voltage switchgear production. This initiative, currently underway at Siemens’ Frankfurt switchgear factory, marks a major step in the company’s sustainable operations. Outokumpu’s Circle Green® steel, utilized by Siemens, showcases an up to 93 percent lower carbon footprint compared to industry standards. This notable reduction is achieved by employing 100 percent low-carbon electricity and prioritizing recycled materials in the steel production process.

“As industries around the world look to reduce carbon emissions to reach ambitious net-zero targets, sustainable steel has a huge potential. In Outokumpu we have found an organization dedicated to accelerating the industrial decarbonization of stainless-steel production. By utilizing sustainable materials in our Electrification and Automation portfolio, we are frontrunners in driving a responsible approach to industry progress.”

Stephan May, CEO of Electrification and Automation at Siemens Smart Infrastructure

The steel industry, a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions, faces challenges with the rising demand due to population growth and urbanization. However, adopting production methods like those used for Circle Green could lead to a substantial decrease in global carbon emissions from the stainless steel value chain. This collaboration between Siemens and Outokumpu exemplifies a transformative approach, setting a precedent for a low-emission future in heavy industries. Siemens’ initiative reflects its ongoing commitment to integrating sustainable practices not only within its operations but also across the supply chain, shaping a greener, more responsible industrial landscape.

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