Introducing MANSUS Sustainable Horizons

MANSUS Sustainable Horizons is a podcast and video series that delivers insightful conversations on all aspects of manufacturing sustainability directly to our audience. By conducting conversation virtually, in-person and at events, we ensure that the dialogue is always engaging, informative, and tailored to connect you with the voices that matter in the industry.

Our commitment to conversation is the driving force behind Sustainable Horizons. We believe that bringing our audience closer to thought leaders, innovators, and experts fosters a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in manufacturing sustainability.

Sustainable Horizons will evolve with the needs of the MANSUS audience. We will deliver conversation lead by themes, the first of which is sustainability in additive manufacturing (AM).

Formnext 2023

We’re kicking things off with a pilot series that we filmed at Formnext 2023, the world’s largest additive manufacturing show. MANSUS was at the event talking to exhibitors about how the drive for sustainability is shaping their businesses and how their solutions are helping their clients become environmentally and commercially sustainable. Across six separate interviews we will bring you insights into the sustainability benefits of AM and highlight the journeys of some of the biggest players in the space. We wanted to find out how these companies are helping customers to address their sustainability challenges.

Keep up to date with Sustainable Horizons by following the MANSUS page on LinkedIn, subscribe to the series here. And keep an eye on as we publish an accompanying article to each episode.

Why Sustainable Horizons?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring innovator, or someone interested in sustainable practices, our series offers a comprehensive look at the evolving landscape of manufacturing sustainability from technology to regulation.

Ready to Dive In?

Our pilot series is dedicated to sustainability in additive manufacturing, and we invite you to be part of the conversation. Sustainable Horizons is more than just a series; it’s a movement towards a future where manufacturing and sustainability go hand in hand.

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