Origin Materials Awarded BioMADE Funding for Department of Defense Sustainability Goals

  • Origin Materials Secures BioMADE Funding to Advance Department of Defense Sustainability Goals
  • BioMADE’s latest projects support the Department of Defense’s sustainability goals and reshoring manufacturing jobs.
  • Origin Materials will use its technology for bio-based polymers and carbon black, aiding the Department of Defense’s decarbonization efforts.

BioMADE announced a suite of projects last week that aim to aid in the advancement of Department of Defense supply chain resiliency and sustainability goals, re-shore manufacturing jobs to the United States, and enhance the domestic bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem. Origin Materials is one of nine projects announced by BioMADE, totaling $18.7 million in funding.

Origin Materials awarded BioMADE funding

As part of its project, Origin will leverage its technology platform to develop samples of bio-based polymers and bio-based carbon black, which can be used to make more sustainable tires and other products, which could support Department of Defense fleet decarbonization efforts.

Origin Materials Co-CEO Rich Riley said “This grant reflects the strong momentum for Origin’s technology platform to help solve the greatest sustainability challenges of our time, we are excited that Origin has been selected to pursue this far-reaching initiative for American manufacturing.”

Dr. Douglas Friedman, Chief Executive Officer at BioMADE said in a statement “These projects will help unlock the benefits of bioindustrial manufacturing for all Americans – from everyday consumers to farmers to warfighters, by creating new products and transforming how we domestically manufacture existing products, these projects – and the bioindustrial manufacturing industry at large – have the potential to positively impact nearly every aspect of our lives.”

Dr. Melanie Tomczak, Head of Programs and Chief Technology Officer at BioMADE said “These projects represent the breadth and depth of what can be accomplished with bioindustrial manufacturing, these innovations can play a key role in enhancing our military readiness, strengthening domestic supply chains, supporting American farmers, and creating jobs in rural communities.”

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