ELIX Polymers Debuts Sustainable E-LOOP Range at Fakuma 2023

  • ELIX Polymers to unveil E-LOOP sustainable products at Fakuma 2023 in Friedrichshafen from 17-21 October.
  • E-LOOP products, featuring up to 60% CO2 reduction, include recycled content and biobased feedstocks.
  • ELIX was the first ABS producer to gain certification for E-LOOP products sought by E&E and consumer goods segments.

ELIX Polymers is set to introduce its latest sustainable materials under the E-LOOP brand at Fakuma 2023, running from 17 to 21 October. The event, a prime stage for showcasing innovations in the plastics industry, will witness the global company highlight its commitment to circular economy solutions.

Central to ELIX’s presentation is the integration of all its Circular Economy initiatives under the E-LOOP banner, comprising two core strategies: Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation. Embracing the tagline “Let’s close the loop”, the company aims to emphasize the cycle of resource utilization, from product inception to post-consumer phases.

Visitors to ELIX’s Stand 5003 in Hall B5 will be introduced to a series of products boasting mechanically recycled content, namely E-LOOP H801 MR, E-LOOP Ultra 4105 MR, and E-LOOP PC/ABS 5120 MR. A notable aspect of these materials is their comparable properties to traditional prime versions, coupled with the capability to trim CO2 emissions by 29%. Several top-tier Automotive OEMs have given a nod to these materials, affirming their applicability in intricate automotive interiors and exteriors.

Beyond recycled content, E-LOOP CR products manifest ELIX’s commitment to sustainable sourcing. Produced from certified raw materials, they encapsulate circular and biobased feedstocks, with the ISCC+ certification underscoring transparency throughout the supply chain. The diverse feedstock origins range from fossil fuel sources to chemically recycled post-consumer waste and biobased variants. Intriguingly, by manipulating the final mix of these monomers, the products can attain a CO2-emission reduction of up to 60% compared to standard grades.

A notable achievement for ELIX Polymers is its distinction as the first ABS producer to be awarded the ‘yellow card’ certification for its E-LOOP range. This recognition, much coveted by sectors such as E&E and consumer goods, underscores the brand’s commitment to aligning product innovation with pressing environmental needs.

For stakeholders keen on further exploring the sustainable solutions on offer, or to tailor-make products suited to specific requirements, ELIX invites them to engage directly at Fakuma or reach out via their official communication channels.

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