• Eastman Chemical Company introduces its innovative Advantis adhesion promoters designed to reduce materials of concern in formulations, promoting regulatory compliance.
  • The new product line responds to upcoming regulatory changes in the European Union (EU) and broader industry trends around reclassification of materials like cumene.
  • Advantis range offers an easy drop-in alternative to traditional promoters in various forms: solutions, water-based dispersions, and solid resins.

Eastman Chemical Company is helping manufacturers towards more sustainable and compliant chemical solutions with its latest release, Advantis adhesion promoters. The product has been designed to limit or entirely remove materials of concern in paint and coating formulations. This comes as a timely response to the anticipated regulatory changes in the EU and the broader industry trend of reclassifying certain materials, such as cumene, as carcinogenic.

Tom Klug, Segment Market Manager for Eastman’s automotive coatings business, highlighted the choice facing formulators in the light of recent developments:

“They can either continue using these newly classified hazardous materials or transition to solutions that limit or eliminate these materials. Our Advantis adhesion promoters offer a seamless alternative to help our customers maintain regulatory compliance without the need for time-consuming and costly reformulation.”

Tom Klug, Segment Market Manager for Eastman Automotive Coatings

Advantis products consist of modified polypropylene and polyethylene polymers that are known for their superior adhesion properties, particularly to untreated plastics and other surfaces that are traditionally challenging to bond.

Doug Wagner, Technology Director in Eastman’s coatings business, underscored the product’s versatility: “Advantis solutions enhance adhesion in three ways — as a primer between the substrate and the subsequent coating, as a primer or tie coat between coating layers, and as a stir-in formulation additive.”

The reclassification of materials is a major trend in the industry, and one that Eastman has proactively addressed with the development of Advantis. The adhesion promoters are designed to be effortless drop-in alternatives for formulations that traditionally use Eastman adhesion promoters.

Furthermore, for those customers who do not currently use Eastman products, the company offers a dedicated team of technical specialists to identify the optimal Advantis solution for their specific formulations.

Advantis adhesion promoters are now commercially available in a variety of forms to suit different application requirements, including solutions, water-based dispersions, and solid resins. This development underlines Eastman’s commitment to helping customers navigate regulatory changes, whilst simultaneously improving product sustainability and reliability.

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