Nano3Dprint Partners with Finite Space to Advance Extraterrestrial Sustainability with 3D Printing

AI render of a 3D printer on the moon
  • nano3Dprint partners with Finite Space to advance extraterrestrial sustainability with 3D printing.
  • Partnership aims to 3D print a lunar rover for moon-based exploration.
  • nano3Dprint’s A2200 printer will be utilized for the project.
  • Sustainable material usage and manufacturing processes will be employed.
  • The A2200 printer offers flexibility in material choice and quality.

nano3Dprint and Finite Space Deploy 3D Printing for Lunar Exploration

nano3Dprint, a leading additive manufacturing solutions provider, has announced its partnership with Finite Space, a Germany-based project focused on revolutionizing material usage and manufacturing processes in space for the development of self-sustainable colonies.

3D Printing a Lunar Rover with nano3Dprint’s A2200 Printer

The 3D printing collaboration between nano3Dprint and Finite Space aims to utilize nano3Dprint’s A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer to 3D print a lunar rover, additional rover parts, and various tools for the space exploration team.

The A2200 printer, known for its flexibility in material choice and quality, will enable the production of the lunar rover using metals, silicon, and recycled plastics that can be sourced on the moon itself.

Advancing Space Exploration and Sustainability

By reducing the need for resupply missions and minimizing the amount of supplies astronauts have to bring into space, the space-based A2200 printer contributes to the sustainability and efficiency of space exploration.

Ramsey Stevens, nano3Dprint CEO, recognizes the importance of space exploration. “We need space for daily life; we rely on it for GPS, weather forecasts, satellite images and more. Continuing space exploration provides invaluable guidance for researchers and scientists to identify new resources and expand their understanding of the solar system,” he said. “We look forward to seeing how Finite Space will further space exploration with the utilization of this new rover.”

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