Georgia Tech and STILFOLD Partnership: Pioneering Sustainable Manufacturing Education

  • Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering partners with STILFOLD, a Stockholm-based startup.
  • The partnership aims to teach students innovative approaches to sustainable manufacturing inspired by “industrial origami.”
  • Their technology is currently used in creating a lightweight electric motorcycle and a climate-neutral car.

Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering joins forces with STILFOLD, a Stockholm-based startup, to revolutionise sustainable manufacturing education.

Introducing “Industrial Origami” and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

STILFOLD’s innovative approach, combining curve folding, robotics, and industrial origami, will be integrated into Georgia Tech’s Origami Engineering program.

Students at Georgia Tech will learn how sustainable manufacturing techniques can optimise production processes and minimise environmental impact.

Georgia Tech and STILFOLD’s Collaboration for Future Innovations

Georgia Tech and STILFOLD will collaboratively explore new technologies and innovations in Civil and Environmental Engineering, emphasising “industrial origami.” Students will gain hands-on experience with STILFOLD’s advanced manufacturing technology, with the opportunity to visit their Stockholm headquarters.

CEO Jonas Nyvang and Dr. Lauren Stewart’s Comments

STILFOLD’s CEO Jonas Nyvang expresses enthusiasm for the partnership’s potential to shape a greener future, while Dr. Lauren Stewart of Georgia Tech highlights the value of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Jonas Nyvang, CEO and co-founder at STILFOLD: “This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for us to work closely with a leading educational institution to help develop the skills and knowledge of the next generation of engineers.”

Dr. Lauren Stewart of Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering: “We are excited to partner with STILFOLD. This initiative will provide our students with hands-on experience with advanced technology, cutting-edge structural engineering, and sustainable manufacturing. Further, the students will get the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, a core value of our School, directly from a startup.”